When ordering to buy medical devices from, the price announced in the respective product page of Infinita is accepted. Transactions are not concluded at different prices, except for the active promotions announced.

Orders are accepted electronically and by phone call.

  •             Request via e-mail - request through the store and after registration. For a purchased product, the customer pays the price generated on the invoice on the request.

  •             Purchase of a national number +359 887 10 64 20 (weekdays: 09:00 - 18:00)

            In the request by phone, the client must confirm the type of item, the number of products ordered and the price. Accurate data with delivery address, phone number and contact name is left.
Requests for phone purchases at prices other than those announced in the store are not accepted.

Sales Department, Infinita

Information and contact:

National number: +359 887 10 64 20